Supreme Court Favours Dance Bars against Maharashtra Government Strict Rules


The Supreme Court on Thursday gave a huge sigh of relief to the pleas of the dance bars in getting their license and thereby overturning many fixtures imposed by the Maharashtra government after shutting them down for 13 years.

The Supreme Court bench comprising justices AK Sikri, Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer ruled in favour of use of alcohol in the bars and refrained the Devendra Fadnavis government rule of installation of CCTV. The bench said, “You cannot have a situation where everyone is denied. There may be regulations but cannot amount to total prohibition.”

Barring the Maharashtra government rule of dance bars to operate out of a kilometre’s radius of schools and religious places, the Supreme Court added, “It is an unreasonable condition to impose in a place like Mumbai. Let the legislature to prescribe a reasonable distance.”

But the government’s decision of fixing the dance bars timing from 6 PM to 11.40 PM remains valid by the apex court bench.

The Court further added, “A dance bar can have a written contract with a dancer but government cannot fix monthly salary for a dancer. This is a matter entirely between employee and employers.”

The top court has ordered to pay tips to the dancers instead of lavishing money on them.

Last year, the Supreme Court had questioned the state government’s moral policing motives to which the state government replied it was against the culture of Maharashtra which is affecting the mindset of youngsters.



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