Territorial Army celebrates its 66th raising day


Territorial Army celebrates its 66th raising dayThe Territorial Army (TA), which has been supporting the Army in carrying out the anti-insurgency and anti-terrorism operations, celebrates its 66th raising day today.

“A large number of TA resources are deployed in Jammu and Kashmir for supporting the Army in combating insurgency and terrorism in the state,” defence spokesman, Col S D Goswami said, adding that TA was celebrating its 66th raising day today.

He said amongst the TA battalions deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, include ‘Home and Hearth’ units which were raised on the ‘sons of soil’ concept and have 100 per cent personnel from Jammu and Kashmir only.

A total number of sikhs Home and Hearth battalions, sikhs infantry TA battalions and many infantry TA companies from other battalions of TA are deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

“Some new units of TA have also been raised recently, it was heartening to see the overwhelming response of the youth from the state who came forward for the recruitment rallies,” he said.

He said that a total number of 15 recruitment rallies were conducted this year and more are planned in the coming days.

“A total of 1,758 youths from the state were selected during this year alone,” Col Goswami said.

Throwing light on the history of TA which is also known as ‘citizen’s army’, he said that it was raised on October 9, 1949 by Rajgopalachari, the first Indian Governor General of India.

“Since then, TA’s size, role and task have increased manifold. TA is an unique concept wherein any citizen of the country can volunteer to join it while continuing his primary vocation and serve the Army on ‘as required’ basis,” Col Goswami said.

He said that the flexibility has made TA extremely popular amongst the citizens of the country over a period of time.

“TA personnel have proven their mettle under trying conditions and have brought glory to the Army,” he said.