Union Finance Minister Dismisses Rahul Gandhi’s Remarks on Rafale Deal “Vanished” Documents


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley criticised Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s earlier remarks in the day against PM Narendra Modi on the Rafale deal issue on Thursday.

Jaitley said, “The government has repeatedly made its position clear. The Supreme Court has spoken on it. The petitioners are taking one more chance. The CAG has already analysed it. No dynast can claim that he is above the Supreme Court or the CAG and that their verdicts and findings don’t apply on them.”

The Finance Minister added, “Today’s comments made by the Congress party and its president… the facts were completely wrong. They are getting high TRPs on Pakistan television.”

Jaitley opined, “Politicians must understand people of India are more intelligent than us.”

Union Law minister Ravi Prasad, too, echoed similar sentiments, “Totally condemn the blatant lies of Rahul Gandhi. He doesn’t believe the Indian Air Force. He doesn’t believe the Supreme Court, doesn’t believe the CAG.”

Earleir in the day, Rahul Gandhi attacked the ruling government saying they had “vanished” the documents relating to Rafale deal and asked for a “criminal investigation” against the Prime Minister.



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