5 Relatives Arrested For Witchcraft Killing In Kandhamal


Phulbani: Five persons, all relatives, were arrested by the kandhamal police today on charges of killing a 27-year-old young man on the suspicion of practising sorcery in their village.

The gruesome murder had taken place on November 5 at Dukipada village under Kotagada police station limits. After committing the murder all the five accused had fled from the village.

The body of the victim Amit Budek was found on November 5 at Dukipada village.

The arrested accused persons, Taranga Behera (50), Surasena Nayak (22), Laxman Behera (23), Debarshan Nayak (25) and Shankar Nehera (26)- were later sent to judicial custody after a local court here rejected their bail application, the police said.

The police said that Taranga was the mastermind of the murder. Suspecting the deceased Amit Budek for casting evil spirit on his family members, he drew the murder plan with four other relatives and Invited Amit Budek to have a feast where the accused persons killed him by slitting his throat. All the accused persons have confessed to the crime, the police added.


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