Birthday Gifts: Nandankanan Tigress Ankita Delivers 2 Cubs On Her Birthday


Bhubaneswar: Traditionally one receives gifts on his or her birthdays. But Ankita is different and unique. She is a tigress caged at the famous Nandankanan Zoological Park here and has bequeathed the zoological park and lakhs of animal lovers with two normal coloured cubs in her enclosure on the eventful night of January 12. Coincidentally, today is her birthday.

According to zoo officials, Ankita delivered her first cub at around 10.12 pm and second cub at 10.40 pm in the night. The entire activity was closely monitored and captured through CCTV, informed a zoo official.

The tigress had mated with a normal coloured tiger named Saif, who was brought from the Hyderabad Zoo in 2017.

Ankita is the offspring of tigress Sara. She has been a major attraction for thousands of visitors to the zoo.

With the arrival of Ankita’s two new babies, Nandankanan presently has 26 tigers, out of which 8 are white ones(3 Male & 5 Female), 16 normal coloured (6 Male & 8 Female and 2 Unsex) and 2 melanistic males.


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