Chilika: Alanda-Patana Firing Incident, 19 Injured

Firing at Alanda-Patana, 19 Injured
Firing at Alanda-Patana, 19 Injured
Firing at Alanda-Patana, 19 Injured
Firing at Alanda-Patana, 19 Injured

Patana village under Krushnaprasad block in Puri district became men-empty after a firing scene took place on Saturday regarding prawn farming in Chilika.

According to the reports, the police have arrested Shivaji Das (35), Ashok Jaali (35), Sanatan Jaali (48), Abhiram Das (45), Swadhin Das (44), Upendra Karan (58), and Shashank Shekhar Pradhan (38) under case number 66/2015 which was filed by the Alanda villagers.

“The situation is now under control as we have deployed a platoon force,” said SDPO Alekh Chandra Paee.

The incident has forced the men to leave the village while the women with their children, are fasting in their home.

Ranjita Pradhan, woman from Patana village said, “The Alanda villagers are threatening us and saying that they will burn our houses.”

Adding to this, she also said, “There is no police out here. How will we save ourselves?”

Few others have said, “Chilika is everything for us as they are whacking us if we go to Chilika whereas they are forcefully fishing in Chilka.”

“On April 28, they had beaten to death to Ranjit Jaali and Gunamani Jaali and threw them into water. But police haven’t arrested a single person until now. We again filed cases on May 12 and May 18,” they added.

They have also made allegation on Police saying the irresponsibility of the police has been resulted such an incident.

They have also alleged police saying police is arresting only from our village rather than arresting the real culprits.

Everyone is under threat after such an incident took place. Meanwhile, some social activists have come to both the villages to solve the problems by building a peace committee.