Damodar Rout Fires Salvos Against Modi Government


Bhubaneswar: Vetran BJD leader and Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout today lambasted the Union Government and BJP on leaders for terming BJD Government as ‘inefficient.’

The Minister Damodar Rout also demanded an explanation from Central Ministers for accusing the Naveen Patnaik for ‘failing on all fronts.’

“The Prime Minister has trampled up on the democratic principles and attempting to destroy the federal structure and ethos of the country. He has buried all rules and principles,” Damodar Rout accused.

He emphasized that Biju Patnaik strove very hard to develop Odisha using its own resources after successive governments ignored the State and did little for its development.

The BJD has no intention of winning states unlike the BJP which is trying to ‘annex’ all the 30 states in the country, he charged the saffron party.

To make his argument stronger, he dished out data about literacy rate, infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, institutional delivery, GDP growth and growth of service delivery in state while demanding reply from BJP leaders on these issues in other states ruled by the party.

Interestingly, the Centre bashing by the Agriculture Minister comes barely within 24 hours after the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik lambasted the national parties – mainly Congress and BJP though not naming these – for constantly ignoring State’s interest since indepence.

BJD President had on two occasions — during the Jansampark Pada Jatra program –of his party bashed the parties that ruled the country at Centre since independence.

However, the BJP termed the allegations of Damodar Rout as “signs of frustration”.

“The Chief Minister is shaken after exposes on several fronts. He has entrusted the responsibility to Damodar Rout to counter the various allegations brought by the opposition from time to time,” BJP spokesperson Sajjan Sharma countered.


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