Devotion Being Conned: Baba Sarathi’s Hidden Secrets Revealed


After Asaram,it is Srimad Sarathi in Odisha Betrayal of faith (2)It has been looking like regular frame work where few persons are playing with the people’s emotion and their devotion.

Few years ago, famous Asharam Bapu had been arrested because he was alleged by a young woman who lodged a FIR mentioning Bapu was torturing her physically. At that point of time, the devotees of Asharam Bapu were disheartened by the shocking reveal.

Yet again, another person who claimed himself as Lord, known as Sarathi Baba, has been caught with a 21-year-old girl in a hotel room in Hyderabad.

But still his devotees don’t want to accept these facts though every prove is going against Baba Sarathi.

For some extend, This may be our fault as we accept few frauds as gods but in reality they are nothing but a normal human beings and cons.

They are just exploiting their devotees with some magic skills and which they shows as miracle.