Niali Mystery: Three More Sheep Found Dead, Villagers Panicked


Niali Near Cuttack(Samaya Bureau): Three more sheep were found dead with the livers of the animals missing under mysterious circumstances at village Alana under the block on Sunday night creating panic among residents. Two other animals have been injured in the attacks

Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister Damodar Rout  while flaying posts of the mysterious animal  which has become viral on social media today said that it could be a wild hyena. He has requested the public not to spread rumors nor get panicked.  rumours.

“The deaths of the sheep is true, but liver missing is false. Chief District Veterinary Officer (CDVO), Cuttack, has written to the Forest Department regarding the matter. He has been asked to submit a report on the death of domestic animals”, Rout added.

Meanwhile, Collector cum District Magistrate of Cuttack,  Nirmal Chandra  Mishra has asked for the setting up of an inquiry team to investigate death of sheeps. “The team comprising local tehsildar, IIC of Niali police station, forest officials will investigate the matter with the help of villagers.

As many as 150 sheep have been killed in Amanakuda, Bansahi and other villages under Niali block in the last two months in similar mysterious circumstances and several persons have been attacked.