Odisha: Newsmen Backs Satya Nayak Over Vague FIR By Shankarananda

Support Satya Prakash Nayak And Zee Kalinga

Support Satya Prakash Nayak And Zee KalingaBhubaneswar: The media persons have shown their support and backed Zee Kalinga Channel Head Satya Prakash Nayak over the vague FIR, lodged by Shankarananda against him.

The Newsmen have made showdowns in various places in Odisha, such as in front of state capital’s Suchana Bhawan, Lower PMG, Master Canteen and in Front of Puri Jagannath Temple. Few political parties have also supported their showdowns against the Navven Patnaik-ruled government and Commissionerate Police, Cuttack-Bhubaneswar.

After airing of news regarding Baba Shankarananda, he has targeted the media and Satya Nayak. The foreign lady with Baba Shankarananda in the hotel of Chandikhol, lodged FIR against ZEE Kalinga and Satya Nayak after exposing their illegal involvement of land scam and money grabbing case.

Some guardians of Prabhuji English Medium School have lodged some vague FIR before the Commissionerate police. It is surprising that the commissionerate police has immediately accepted the FIR and framed charges against ZEE Kalinga and Satya Nayak using various sections. It is certainly a dig at press.