Politics of”Aya Rams Gaya Rams” in Odisha.


As the general election of 2019 getting closer, the political parties of Odisha are gearing up to bolster its poll prospects.Though the election is still one and a half year away, yet the political atmosphere is getting charged up as news of desertion of leaders from one party to other makes the headlines. Rumours are doing the rounds in the political circles and in corridors of power about who is going where. Every party has started to do head hunting of leaders to have an edge over the other.

BJP, nurturing the hope of coming to power in 2019,seems to have being most benefited by these party hoppers. By all counts more than 100 leaders of Congress and BJD have relocated themselves in BJP. The BJP office at Bhubaneswar has become a centre of activities where one can see workers and leaders coming on a regular basis to join the party. After a good and unexpected result in the local bodies election, Dharmendra Pradhan has shown keen interest to strengthen the party.He seems to have taken the task of speaking to different leaders of different parties and convincing them to join his party. A party which was perceived to be weak in coastal and southern Odisha, the induction of the leaders from other parties will help them to get stronger.The party at the same time launched ‘Mishran Parba’ sending a message to other leaders that they can come and join the party.

If BJP has an edge,BJD is close second in welcoming the deserters from other parties. Naveen has come out his previous working style and is seen more on public flatform mingling with people at large and posing for selfies.He has started taking more interest in his party affairs and reshuffle the ministry to send across a message that his government means business. He has handpicked his team in the organisation and assigned work to young leaders to rejuvenate the party. He has brought in new faces to head the frontal wings of his party. But he is not averse to the “Aya Ram Gaya Ram” principle, he has started welcoming party hoppers from other parties,primarily from Congress to his fold.What was interesting to note is the joining of Congress spokesperson Sulochana Das.She had made her career in politics by criticising the present BJD government that Naveen heads.

Worst hit is the Congress, a party which cannot control its internal squabbling and is divided. PCC President Prasad doesn’t have the stature or the leadership quality to put the party back in rails.After the recent routing in the local bodies election the party has lost it way. A weak leadership coupled by out of powers for last 17 years has made the party losing hope,none are giving the party a chance for 2019 and its leaders are leaving for greener pastures.

But 2019 election will be interesting, as how these “Aya Rams Gaya Rams”, benefit the party they adopted.