Promise of Loan Waiver Galore: Odisha BJP Jumps In Too


Following the newly presided CM Kamal Nath’s loan waiver, the BJP in Odisha, too, has blown the poll bugle promising a similar loan waiver for farmers. In the recently concluded poll, the political mandate enjoyed by the Congress has made the BJP tad nervous.

BJP State President Basant Panda at a press meet exerted on the tax free agenda for the farmers if voted to power in the 2019 General Assembly Elections.

Panda proclaimed of the ‘Mandi Chala Abhiyan’ protest from Wednesday till January 7 for the illegitimate functioning of the mandis across the state. He, also, announced to burn dummies of Food Supplies and Cooperation Minister Surya Narayan Patro in front of 4381 mandis in Odisha. He called for a demonstration outside the Secretariat on January 8.

In turn, BJD Rajya Sabha member Pratap Keshari Deb termed BJP’s protest as “Vinasha Kala Vipreeta Buddhi”. Deb vouched that any irregularities against the farmers of the state will be sorted and BJD has always maintained utmost concern for the farmers.

Former RBI Governor Raghu Ram Rajan too stressed to get away with the farmer loans waiver at an “Economists Meet” in Delhi. He also added “Only a subset of farmers get loans. The poor ones don’t receive them at all”.



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