Sona Mohapatra’s ‘Ahe Nila Saila’ Draws Flak


Bhubaneswar: Mumbai-based Odia singer Sona Mohapatra has yet again drawn criticism for the wrong reasons. This time for incorrectly pronouncing a couple of words from the historic Odia bhajan “Ahe Nila Saila” written by renowned Odia poet Salabega.

The singer today posted a video on YouTube that she had performed the epic bhajan in a live concert in Mumbai last year. In the video, she is heard pronouncing Salabega as “Sale bega”, Charana as “Charane” Shrianga as “Chhiranga” and Matta as “Maatra” in her rendition.

As soon as the video went viral in social media, people of Odisha started criticizing the singer for her incorrect pronunciations.

Kedar [email protected] 1 said “As a free citizen you have every option to choose your own path, but you have absolutely no rights to denigrate others love for their language and culture. You are a serial offender of Odia identity and be happy with that. You are free to be arrogant.

[email protected] reacted,” Dear Actor from Odisha, trying to ride on my coat-tails for publicity. Feel free to treat me as an ‘alien’. Not 1 from Odisha & then therefore fawn over me as you would over a European or American singing in your language. Won’t stop me from being less Odia & u might feel better.


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