This time no ‘Nabajoubana Darshan’ for devotees

“Devotees will not be allowed to have a glimpse of the Nabajuabana of the deities after Nabakalebar,” said SJTA’s chief administrator S.C. Mohapatra.

He said as a large crowd is expected on Nabajoubana Darshan Day, the administration decided to conduct the ritual but only with some priests.

“If we allow the devotees to have Nabajoubana Darshan, then it may led to delay in other rituals held before Rath yatra,” Mohapatra said.

To ensure smooth conduct of Nabakalebara and Rath Yatra in Odisha’s Puri, there would be no Nabajoubana darshan of the Trinity inside the temple premises this year.

“The temple administration had abided by the order of the Commission during Nabakalebara in 1996,” Mohapatra said.This time no ‘Nabajoubana Darshan' for devotees

He said the meeting discussed the ritual timings including the Jala lagi (bathing ritual) of the Lors during Deba Snana Purnima scheduled on June 2. It also discussed about the obstruction of the deities by the devotees during the Snana Purnima.

“Apart from this, the entire proceedings starting from construction of the new idols of the Lords to the Niladri Bije were also discussed at the meeting”, he said.

Talking to the media persons, secretary, Daitapati Nijog Premananda Das Mohapatra said the Shankaracharya of Gobardhan Peeth will have a darshan of the Lords at the Snana Mandap on Snana Purnima. However, he would take a decision whether to touch the idols. However, the followers of the Shankaracharya would not be allowed to touch the Idols.

As this time ‘Naba Jaubana Darshan’ falls just a day before Rath Yatra, the devotees will not be allowed inside the temple. They can have darshan of the deites the next day June 18 on Srigundicha Day or car festival day.