Xpressions: the most awaited B-school fest in the country


Xpressions– the annual flagship event of XIMB is the biggest Management-Cultural fest of Eastern India. It is scheduled to take place from 8th to 10th November 2019. A legacy that started in 1998 has now transformed itself into one of the most awaited  B-school fest in the country. Year after year, it showcases the best of the ideas with a blend of innovation and creativity.

The stage events are undoubtedly standout amongst the most noteworthy events that take place during Xpressions. Planning the events isn’t only an obligation of a few because but garners enormous support from the entire XIMB fraternity The stage events foster the inner energy of every individual to grab the opportunity of showcasing their creative talent on a large platform. To begin with, Goonj, the solo singing competition where all the talented vocalists come on one podium to create a powerful impact in the minds of the audience. Thirkan– A platform for all the passionate dancers to flaunt their grace and invoke deep emotions within the audience by portraying various dance forms. Decibelz- A face-off between budding music bands which brings out their electrifying energy and ingrained musical talent to a large audience of music lovers and fellow musicians. The Carnival De Vogue– A thematic fashion event wherein the ramp becomes the arena to express the imagination, wild spirit and free will of the participants through a unique blend of attitude and grace. Not just this, Xpressions this year has just got bigger and better. It awaits to host the Kumar Varun, who is amazingly hilarious in the stand-up comedy act in Comedy Adda. And finally the starry night, which promises a night to remember where XIMB hosts the singer who is a fireball of energy, Mika Singh for the live performance on Celeblitz, the Celebrity Night.

With just 9 days left, XIMB is ready to experience the magic. The enthusiasm has no bounds and XIMB eagerly awaits to witness the 3-day extravaganza.



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