Barca crushes Huesca as Vallecano stuns Valencia


Spanish giant Barcelona crushed Huesca 8-1 in the second league with an aggregate of 12-1 to qualify to the next round of Copa Del Rey on Tuesday.

Spanish Winger Pedro Rodriguez scored a hat-trick as he scored in 21st, 26th and 44th minute of the match while mid-fielder Sergi Roberto and Andreas Iniesta scored in the 29th and 40th minute of the match as Barcelona were in lead with 5-0 in the half-time. After the half-time, Adriano, Adama Trore and Sandro Remirez scored in the 68th, 78th and 84th minute of the match. Carlos Devid Moreno Hernandez scored the only goal in the 86th minute for Huesca as the match ended in 8-1.

Barca had defeated the side 4-1 in the first league as they are now qualified to the next round in Copa Del Rey.

Meanwhile, Rayo Vallecano stunned Valencia as they played a draw with 4-4 final score. Vallecano leading the score with 4-2 in the 61st minute as Valencia scored in the 65th and 71st minute of the match and made it a draw.