Indian bowling to be strong as batting, says Greg Chappell

Greg Chappell now oversees operations of the Centre of Excellence in Brisbane. Really far away from the din and bustle of the World Cup, the former coach of the Indian cricket team is busy now to prepare and plan youngsters who can serve cricket in future. Here’s an exclusive interview with the Aussie legend.

Q: Are you interested in coaching any international side now?
Greg Chappell: I have stopped thinking about coaching. I am done with it. My coaching days are over. Coaching involves a lot of travel and the idea of life on the road does not appeal to me any longer!

Q: Exactly what sort of work you are doing with the Cricket Australia?
GC: What I am doing with Cricket Australia is something I am thoroughly enjoying. It is fun running the youth programmes and development programmes as well.

Q: Are you following the Indian team’s performances?
GC: I am following the World Cup but from a distance. I am too busy to be to be too involved in the World Cup personally as I am occupied with other things. But I am well updated with the competition.

Q: How do you see India’s opening performance against Pakistan?
GC: Well, it was a very good start last week against the Pakistan team. I am hopeful that India can continue that form and be a big presence in the World Cup. I think it is important for world cricket that India is heavily involved in during the business-end of the tournament.

Q: Can India go the distance?
GC: Look I think the batting is their strength. Bowling will have to be at its best as the tournament progresses. It will require the bowling thing to a good job as well. If they don’t bowl well, it will make it hard for the batsmen.

Q: Can their batting overcome the weakness in bowling?
GC: With the kind of batting line-up India have, they will set big scores and they will be able to chase big scores. But the point is they won’t be able to do it all the time, particularly against better teams. That will make it hard. They need the bowlers to do the job as well as the batsmen are doing.

Q: Will you follow the India vs South Africa match?
GC: It will be a big game – one of the biggest games of the league stages. South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are all going to be big games for any side in the tournament. In the prevailing conditions, they will be the teams to beat.