MIB not ready to bask in past glory

Special report by Debasish Datta (for The Samaya), Adelaide
The Indian team is not willing to go for the ‘war of words’ before the all-important match against Pakistan.
Yes, the Men In Blue is leading 5-0 to their arch rivals in terms of World Cup performances. And it all started in Sydney, Australia, in 1992 when a 17-year old Sachin Tendulkar made his debut in that World Cup and it was the Master Blaster’s first ‘Man of the Match’ performances in World Cup.
But the Indian team is not ready to bask in the past glory. It’s a new match and even in the war of words, they are not adamant. The feeling in the camp is: We had won all the matches, no questions. But this is a new day and a new match. And anything is possible there. However, we are confident.
Let’s hear what some of the members of the Indian team had to say about the match against Pakistan:
Virat Kohli
We have to win this match beating Pakistan. We are not discussing anything except this in the camp. And we had made all the preparations, too. Now is the time to execute those planning in the field. I know, people are worried about our present form which was not particularly satisfactory. But mark my words, let the tournament begin. We all are ready to fire.
Rohit Sharma
Yes, it’s my debut match in World Cup and that too against Pakistan! It’s too exciting for me. I have to play well. More important is, we have to play well and begin the tournament in a positive note. It’s more like staring driving at the fourth gear! We have to stay cool in the field and perform our duties as is given by the team management. None of us is worried to face Pakistan in the first match. Rather, we all are excited and ready for such a big match.
Suresh Raina
I shall be playing at number four. The team management had given me the duty to perform my role perfectly, batting at that number. It means, I have to bat according to the demands of the situation and I am more than ready to do so. We had toiled hard in the nets. Now we have to do the same in the field as well. Our captain has already said that you will see a new India in the World Cup. Just wait and watch!
Shikhar Dhawan
I had already said that India becomes a different team altogether in big tournaments. The same is going to happen tomorrow as well. We are confident. I played my first big tournament in 2013 in England when we played the Champions Trophy there. And we played really well to win it. Now, the biggest of the trophies, the World Cup. And we believe, we shall be playing the same way as we did earlier in big tournaments.