E- Commerce giant Snapdeal now in 12 languages


Online shopping site Snapdeal today launched multilingual interface allowing customers’ use among 12 language options for shopping through mobile app.

SnapdealThe company said, starting today, its user interface on the mobile will be available in Hindi and Telugu and from January 26, other local languages including Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese and Punjabi will be added.

The multilingual interface is available only on mobile app as of now and not on the web.

“India’s linguistic diversity is a huge opportunity to expand the market to include those users who would prefer to engage online in their native languages. Our decision to go multilingual is driven by the feedback that we have received from our users,” Snapdeal co-founder Rohit Bansal said here.

He said the multilingual interface has expanded its reach to an additional 130 million Smartphone users in the country, who use internet in regional languages.

Bansal further said there are 22 major languages spoken in the country and going forward, they will add the remaining 10 languages.

He said e-commerce currently contributes about 1-2 per cent of the retail business in the country and in coming 7-8 years, the percentage is likely to increase up to 10 per cent.

The company said it has developed a grammar engine to ensure an error-free translation.