OrangeSec ported Microsoft’s Cortana to android


OrangeSec ported Microsoft’s Cortana to androidAn Italian group of hackers calling themselves OrangeSec claim to have “ported” Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant to Android. They affectionately named their creation “Portaña.”

Cortana is the virtual, voice activated personal assistant employed by many users of handsets powered by Windows Phone 8.1. The group named its port “Portana,” and despite the name, it is not a real port since not all of the features are included. For example, Portana cannot integrate with Android apps as Cortana does with Windows Phone apps.

Cortana was introduced following Apple’s Siri and is named after the Al companion from the Halo video game series and is restricted to Windows Phone models. The hackers tweaked around the program’s internals and were able to bring it to the Google OS.

Portaña apparently only speaks Italian. It also doesn’t work offline. Apparently, the hacker group was able to get to Cortana’s backend without Microsoft’s approval.

The hackers have just designed a “basic Android assistant” which does not have the features of an independent assistant, this shows that the purpose of creating Portana is not for competition with Microsoft because though Portana can work like Android assistant it can never be Cortana.

Original owner- Microsoft is expected to bring the real Cortana onto PCs and tablets later this year with the release of its upcoming Windows 10 OS.