Whatsapp Increase Group Member Limit 100 to 256


WhatsApp has increased its group member limit from 100 to 256, which seems to be an odd number to increase the limit to. This could be because of server and platform restrictions. Or this could be a testing stage for WhatsApp to see how the users and businesses make use of it, and gradually increase the member number.

Well, Facebook did announce they will keep the platform free for the end user. However, they didn’t buy WhatsApp for billions of dollars just to give a free mobile IM app to the world. They are out to make money and like any business this platform will also be monetized.

Right now group admins and businesses are using WhatsApp to sell products or spread awareness about brands. We are sure many of you have got some type of spam on WhatsApp by strangers who are selling mobile numbers or are just running a survey. With the increase in group member base the spam messages on this IM system will also go up. On the other side, group admins would be able to spread the word out to many more users at the same time.

Businesses would also take full advantage of the system to advertise using groups. By our reckoning Facebook is trying to monetize this section with some sort of advertising, maybe in line or on top. This can be group specific too. Also, Facebook might sell the WhatsApp platform to group admins who want more users on their groups for a fee. People who want more than 256 users on the group would need to cough up a shiny penny.