Tele Actress Lakshmipriya Behera Dies of Head Injury


Famed television female actor Lakshmipriya Behera died at a private hospital in Cuttack on Saturday. The ‘ACP Nikita’ star succumbed to her head injuries after falling from a roof.

On January 5, the actor had  visited her father’s house in Mahanadi Vihar in Cuttack where she accidentally fell off the roof. She received injuries on the head and was treated at Aswini Hospital at CDA in Cuttack.

The tele star was married to actor Lipan in September 2017 and had a 6 month old son.

She had acted as the female lead in some Ollywood movies. ‘Akhi kholibaku dara laguchi’ was her first movie in 2011.

She also acted in popular prime time serials ‘Tapasya’ and ‘ACP Nikita’. Everyone in the Odia entertainment world are in shock.



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