10 Valentine’s card is weird and adorable at the same time


    Love is nice, beautiful and ridiculous as well as stupid and everything in this world. Love is a little more than candle-light dinners and being cheesy and said “I love you”.

    Being with that special someone is more about the little things. This Valentine’s Day has said the things which tend to remain tacit with these wacky yet unbelievably adorable cards!

    1. And they said it wouldn’t last
    Haters gonna hate and you have successfully overcome that. I think a little celebration is in order.

    2. There is nobody I would rather do it with than you
    And it is true. It may seem like a stupid thing to say but your significant other will appreciate it for sure!

    3. Thank you for existing
    This card comes directly to the point. Life would never have been this good without you.

    4. I love the shit out of you
    And there is no other way to calculate that.

    5. I love your stupid face
    And you’re stupid habits and all the stupid things you say etc. They may be stupid but they make it all the more unique.

    6. The ‘Love’ pie-chart
    Because your significant other needs to know just how much mind space they have been allocated, right?

    7. I’m thinking of you
    Yes, it maybe creepy but it also shows just how much a person is into you. Beats being vague, okay?

    8. I get lost in your eyes. My sense of direction is extremely poor.
    And yet here we are in the exact place we were meant to be. Mixed compliments always work.

    9. There is nobody else I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone, next to
    Which goes to show that couples do indulge in activities other than staring into each other’s eyes? Just keeping it real.

    10. The honour of your presence is requested in my pants
    Keep it elegant always.