Army Recovers Cache Of Empty Ammunition In Pokhran In Rajasthan


Jaisalmer(PTI): A large cache of empty ammunition of various kinds was recovered from a scrap contractor in Pokhran field firing range area of Jaisalmer, army sources said today.

During the inspection conducted yesterday, army officials found different types of ammunition and reported the matter to their seniors immediately.

The ammunition appears to be blinds, which have been recovered from the impact area of the range. None of these are live ammunition, an army source said.

The pictures from the location indicate that the shells, rounds are un-fuzed and all explosives from the shells and rounds have been taken out for further disposal through scrap route, he said.

The process of taking out propellant is a specialist process undertaken in an authorised commercial plant, he added.

Investigation by local authorities is underway to ascertain if the empty ammunition was handled in an authorised manner by the scrap dealer.


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