Crimes in twin city on an upward swing


Bhubaneswar:  Despite all the tall claims and police patrolling round the clock, crimes in the twin city are on an upward swing. This was revealed from the number of cases registered in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack during 2013.

As per commissionerate of police data, a total of 9,109 cases were registered last year as against 8,145 in 2012. The 2013 figure was the highest after the commissionerate of police came into being in 2008. Around 6,765 cases were registered in 2011.

There was marginal increase in murder offences as 83 cases were reported in the twin cities as against 82 in 2012. However, the cops claimed to have cracked all murder cases in the recent times.

However, major crimes against women like rape and dowry torture decreased as compared to the previous years, but offences like burglary, theft, dacoity and swindling shoot up.

Defending his colleagues Police Commissioner R P Sharma argued that registration of cases on the higher side does not mean that crimes went up. He stated rather it indicates that more and more people are coming forward to lodge complaints. Enumerating statistics he revealed that of the total 9,109 murder, rape and dowry cases, 7,212 were solved, which is surely a good achievement by any means, Sharma said.