Fadnavis runs in Modi & Shah’s Signal


Mumbai: Maharashtra is moving on directions from Delhi. This happened when Congress was in power and has not changed when BJP is in power, alleged Raj Thackeray, chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) commenting on Delhi’s hold over the state.

Raj Thackeray was speaking at the convention of the Veej Kamgar Sena, the union of the electricity workers affiliated to MNS in Nashik on Sunday, March 1. Addressing the gathering, Thackeray said that there is too much of infighting within the government. Partners in government are busy opposing each other than working together. It is difficult to say who is in power and who is in the opposition. However, this does not help solve the issues in the state and years together the problems continue to exist.

On the Damanganga project, Raj Thackeray said that the water belonging to Maharashtra is going to Gujarat. The water and money from our state is being used for another. The chief minister is busy doing what Amit Shah and Modi want him to do, Thackeray stated.

On Modi meeting Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad, Raj Thackeray said that Modi is busy seeking advice from all those whom he criticised and opposed during the elections.

Raj Thackeray lauded the work done by electricity employees and said that they are doing a thankless job. However, he urged them to not go on a strike, saying that strike against your own company is disregard to your work.