Get ready for power cuts in Hudhud affected areas: Energy secretary


Bhubaneswar: Get ready for power cuts in cyclone Hudhud affected areas, Odisha energy secretary Suresh Mohapatra appealed to public on Saturday. Speaking to media persons in the state capital, he stated, power would be disconnected in areas with high wind speed and it is obvious that power can only be restored after normalcy is restored.

The state energy secretary further stated that in case of electric wires getting disconnected due to tree felling or poles getting uprooted in wind, emergency squads have been formed in the vulnerable districts. But his department would disconnect power in case of accidents or lines getting affected to avoid people or animals coming in contact with live wires.

Power would also be disconnected when the wind speed increases and in the affected areas, it may need a day or two to clear branches or trees and restore normalcy, he stated. Mohapatra further urged people to bear with the unintended power disruptions during the calamity. He also people to inform the control rooms in their areas if they come across anywhere that electric lines have been disrupted due to wind during the Hudhud impact.