“Mahabahu”- Book On Lord Jagannath Released


Bhubaeswar(Samaya Bureau): Jagannath cult is all encompassing and  has a socio-religious tradition going back to centuries.

Lord Jagannath, known as Purusottam(Supreme Man) finds mention in Rig Veda, several puranas and mythologies.

To know the Lord well, the Ashirbad Prakashan which brings out largely circulated Odia daily, ‘The Samay’ has released a 120-page valuable book-“Mahabahu”-containing many a unknown facts about the identity of the Trinity, their evolution and rituals.

Releasing the book, the Chief Managing Director of public sector undertaking Nalco Dr Tapan Kumar Chand said that it is an interesting fact that the Lord whose physical embodiment does not have hands is revered as the Mahabahu. “The Mahabahu extends his helping hands to his millions of devotees,”he said.

“Puri, the citadel of the Mahabahu is actually the religious capital of the world,” he emphasized. Chand urged the Odias to use the symbol of the Mahabahu to  get back their lost cultural, marital as well as economic glories.

The Chief Speaker, eminent Odia litterateur and Editor-in-Chief of the Samaya, Satakadi Hota, in his address dealt heavily on Jagannath cult and urged people not to limit Lord Jagannath to the state alone. “The Mahabahu is all encompassing and an integration of several faiths. He is Sanatan which means a grand mixture or amalgamation of all religions,” he said.

“His present name Lord Jaganath might have emerged in the 5th Century AD but he did exist much before,”he added.

Ruing the fact there has been very little documentation of facts on Lord Jagannath, Hota urged historians to conduct more and more research in the field.

The CEO of the Samaya, Priyadarshi Mohapatra and the Editor Dilip Bisoi also graced the occasion.