Moral education must needed

Name:                  Chitrangada Samantsinghar

Husband:             Bijaya Kumar Ray

Qualification:      M. A. in Psychology

Interested in:       Dance, Singing, cooking, reading books

Why did you choose education as your profession?

My choice of teaching as a career was from my childhood because my parents were in this profession. The famous writer Mayadhar Mansingh was the elder brother of my father. My mother Vishnupriya Samantsinghar was the first Radio voice artist of Odisha. So the whole atmosphere of my home was fully covered by education, music and literature. With the completion of my MA, I got a job and started my lectureship from Bolangir.

“A good teacher cannot be a good administrator.” How far it is true?

I don’t know how far I’m successful. I engaged myself fully in the development and progress of this college after being in such an important position. I am still taking the classes as well as conducting the other important works of this college. Every teacher will be an administrator and this is a job and responsibility of every teacher that to be responsible for the development of the linked institution.

Why did you think to address the President of India to be the Chief Guest of you college?

It’s a very old and important college of our state. So for this reason in the occasion of golden jubilee, a personality like him must be needed. We were preparing to address the President before 8-10 months. I was mentally so strong at that time and before one month to this occasion, the President send his message as he was agreed to join us in the occasion.

How did you manage the college election peacefully where the other colleges cancelled their elections due to the election disturbances?  

No students of our college were involved in the election disturbance matter. Some outsiders were responsible for the unexpected disturbance. Participation in college election is the legal right of every student. I don’t want to detach them from their rights. Beside this, we had the support of our students. We were alert for 4-5 days. The DCP and the Commissionerate of Police helped us so much at that time.

Rs.28 crore was granted just before a day of Presidential visit. Why?

We had informed the state government much before about it. The government had also granted before. But we officially got the letter before the day of Presidential visit.

Is there any need of changes in education sector?

Firstly, class teaching should get the importance. Quality education should be focused along with the inspiration for study. The vacancies should be filled as soon as possible.

What are the developments being made after you became the Principal of the college?

We give the training of self-defense to the girls and also the counseling cell is open here for them. We discuss with the students who had some mental or family problems in the cell. There is a Jim and an automatic library in the college, by which the students can get the books from the library without any problem.

What is the real meaning of “Women Empowerment”?

In my view, education is the only medium of women empowerment. Woman is the creator of the universe. Now a day, everything is possible for a lady. Woman can do anything by making possible the impossible by her strong willpower. In my view, every woman should be inspired by the ideology of Rama Devi.

What is your message to the students?

College life is the most valuable and important time of a student life.  You will succeed if you utilize the time in appropriate way rather than wasting the time.