Rare Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery Performed BY Fortis Hospital In Bengaluru


Bengaluru(PTI): Doctors at a private hospital here today claimed to have successfully performed a rare bilateral knee replacement surgery on a 48-year-old man suffering from hemophilia.

Fortis Hospital where the surgery was conducted recently, in a release said, the patient, Chikkanna was suffering from severe pain in both knees impairing his ability to perform daily work.

It said his severe condition of Hemophilia, a genetic disorder that leads to profuse and unstoppable bleeding along with poor blood clotting following any injury, made the surgery a unique feat of clinical excellence.

The team of doctors involved in the surgery were led by Dr Narayan Hulse, Additional Director, Orthopaedics along with Dr Sachin Suresh Jadhav, Consultant, Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant.

The hospital said after evaluating and trying various medications, bilateral knee replacement was the only treatment to cure him of the lingering pain in his knees.

However, the hemophilia condition made this a rare and challenging case, it said, adding, with the help of some excellent treatment plan of recovery by the doctors, the condition of hemophilia was impeccably managed and the knee replacement was done without any complications.

The team performed a clotting factor replacement therapy (infusing artificial blood factor into the veins) before the surgery to normalise the blood clotting factors in his body.

“This brought in confidence between us and the patient to proceed with the treatment,” Dr Hulse said.

Thanking the hospital and the team, Chikkanna said, “My knee replacement surgery went well..I am recovering fast and will be visiting the doctors for routine checkup.



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