VisionJet (Private-Jet) Launched at just 12.62 Cr


Cirrus Aircraft came up with world smallest and cheapest Private Jet equipped with amazing features at just Rs 12.62 Cr named as Vision Jet. Its designed keeping a view specially for Private ownership. It will no doubt give a heavy competition to its competitors because of its price and features.

Booking have already been started and the rush shows the great demand for the same which is not at all surprising.To keep the cost of  production and operation low ,Cirrus Aircraft have launched Vision Jet with a single engine and can be operated by a single pilot.It can fly upto 1200 nautical miles at 345mph approx. Its also equipped with Parachute which is helpful for  in air emergencies.

With its sleek looks , Its designed to accommodate five adults along with two children and have inbuilt entertainment system.