US Cancels Pakistan $1.66 Billion Security Assistance


The ties between US & Pakistan have shown cracks. The US government has dropped security assistance of $1.66 billion. This step by the US comes days after the US President Donald Trump said,“Pakistan doesn’t do a damn thing for the US”.

The US government has purported Pakistan of giving shelter to slain terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abottabad, Pakistan.

From US Department of Defence, Col Rob Manning confirmed, “USD 1.66 billion of security assistance to Pakistan is suspended”.

America’s frustration is stated by David Sedney. Sedney served during Obama’s administration as Deputy Assistant Security Defence for Afghanistan, Pakistan & Central Asia.

He spoke, “Pakistan has taken no steps to address the US concern- that Pakistan tolerates & often encourages groups which use violence against Pakistan neighbours”.

He stated, “Pakistan’s leaders have promised cooperation, but beyond words serious cooperation has not happened, therefore President Trump is frustrated & so are Americans”.

He further added, “What the US seeks, what President Trump is asking for, is for Pakistan to take the same kind of measures against Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and against all groups in Pakistan that threaten Pakistan neighbours. But, we still see the Taliban moving weapons, fighters & money through Pakistan”.




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