WB : Student Beaten To Death By Teacher


MURSHIDABAD: A class 8 understudy of a private school in West Bengal has died purportedly after he was beaten to death of by his teacher the last evening. The 14-year-old’s family says he was “rebuffed” for meeting his dad at the school entryway without permission.

Shamim Mallik, 14, had joined the Al Islamia Mission Boarding School in Murshidabad locale, 200 kms from Kolkata, on January 22. He had come back to the school on Monday subsequent to spending the weekend home.

In the evening, his father came to the school to hand over some stationery that he had asked for.
Soon after he returned, the boy’s family has said in their complaint, the teacher thrashed Shamim in the presence of the school’s owner, who allegedly did nothing to save the boy.

The boy’s father says Shamim’s hostel friends have told him that he fainted after the teacher thrashed him. “When they couldn’t revive him, they took him to a hospital where he died.”