Christchurch Mosque Attacker in Handcuffs, Sneers in the District Court


The 28-year old Australian citizen terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant who gunned down 49 people and inflicted serious wounds in Christchurch at two mosques (Al Noor Masjid and a smaller mosque) during an ongoing Friday prayer on March 15 was presented before the district court in Christchurch on Saturday.

Tarrant was barefooted and walked with handcuffs in the court room. He had no remorse or any repentance on his face and rather had a careless smirked face while facing the photographers present in the court room.

In a white prison dress with an unperturbed silence, he neither approached for bail plea nor any mercy.

The district court scheduled his next hearing on April 5.

Tarrant, a former fitness instructor and now a self-proclaimed right wing extremist walked out of the court in police custody indicating an upside-down “okay” signal.

The signal depicts the white power gesture used by white power groups around the world.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden has taken the onus to bring changes in the laws of arms and weapons possession.

The New Zealand PM confirmed, Tarrant used five weapons in the mass murder at the mosque. He used two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns.

As per further reports, the arrested fascist, Tarrant’s social media activity showed mocking the immigrants and “invaders” aiming at the immigrants from India, China and Turkey as “potential nation enemies in the East” in his 74-page manifesto “The Great Replacement”.

While, the injured in the March 15 mosque attack have been shifted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and heavy police cordon is around the hospital.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the terrorist attack and said, “Hatred and violence have no place in diverse and democratic societies.”



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