Ethopian Airlines Crash Kills 4 Indians among All 157 aboard


The Boeing 737-800 Max Ethopian airlines flight that killed all 149 passengers along with 8 crew members on it on March 10 at 8.38 AM in the morning also had four Indian passengers in it.

The plane that took off from Addis Ababa and while enroute to Nairobi lost its communication with the air traffic control tower, six minutes after the take off and crashed on the ground.

Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had tweeted to the Indian embassy in Ethopia, “The deceased Indian nationals are Vaidya Pannagesh Bhaskar, Vaidya Hansin Annagesh, Nukavarapu Manisha and Shikha Garg.”

Further reports revealed that around 19 United Nations (UN) officials who were to meet in Nairobi on an environmental conference have also been killed in the ill-fated Boeing 737.

The Ethopian airline crashed near the village of Tulu Fara outside Bishoftu. The rescue team revealed “no human survivors” in the crash.

The plane was due to reach Nairobi at 10.25 AM.



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