Setback for Rajpakasa, Sri Lanka Parliament Passes No-Confidence


The tumultuous nature of politics is crippling Sri Lanka to a dead stone. The current PM Mahinda Rajpakasa is being subjected to a no-confidence motion by the 225 member Parliament today. The Speaker of the House, Karu Jayasuriya announced the collective decision.  The Speaker said, “The ayes have it. I rule that this house does not have confidence in the government”. 

On Tuesday, the island’s Supreme Court turned down dissolution of the Parliament by the President Maithripala Sirisena. Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe lambasted President Sirisena for dissolution of the Parliament. But Sirisena defended his move by saying it necessitated a constitutional intervention to avoid clashes between two sides. 

While Sirisena was unable to execute his ploy of conducting early General Elections, the Sri Lankan PM Rajpakasa & his son left the floor of the house after being unable to prove their majority. 

Still the power resides in Sirisena’s hands to elect the new Prime Minister. Ranil Wickermesinghe continues to remain dismissed & so also the house till November 16, 2018.



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