US President Trump Terms Indo-Pak Relations “Very, Very Dangerous” Post Pulwama Incident


The United States President on February 22 came down heavily on the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack and hoped of the India and Pakistan border relations to be sorted out soon.

President Trump at his Oval Office addressed, “Right now between Pakistan and India, there is a very, very bad situation. A very dangerous situation. We would like to see it stop. A lot of people were just killed. We want to see it just stop. We are very much involved in that.”

Donald Trump said, “India is looking at something very strong. India just lost almost 50 people in the attack. I can understand that too.”

On resolving the high tension, the US President said, “We are talking. A lot of people are. It’s going to be a very, very delicate balance. There is a lot of problems between India and Pakistan because of what just happened.”

Not assisting Pakistan anymore, Trump voiced, “I stopped paying Pakistan the USD 1.3-billion that we used to pay them. In the mean time, we may set up some meetings with Pakistan. Pakistan was taking very strong advantage of the United States under other presidents. We were paying Pakistan USD 1.3 billion a year. I ended that payment, because they were not helping us in the way they should have.”



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