2 Die, 2 Serious After Consuming Country Brew During Feast In Ganjam


Berhampur: Drunken revelry cost dear to a group of boozers in Karadamuli village under Patrapur block in Ganjam district on December 28 evening as two persons died and an equal number of persons fell critically ill after consuming alcohol during Nuakhai feast.

The deceased persons have been identified as Dhanu Behera and Siba Behera. The critically ill were identified as Harischandra Behera and Tunguru Behera.

According to reports, a group of about 20 people, ;ate in the evening, conducted a feast to break their fasting over last few days on the occasion of tribal Nuakhai festival. After having dinner at the feast, around 4-5 persons from the group consumed ‘Mahuli’, a kind of country brew prepared from stale rice. However, soon after drinking the brew, they developed symptoms like nausea, severe headache, vomiting and loose motion.

While the sick persons were immediately rushed to Patrapur Community Health Centre (CHC) by the villagers, Dhanu Behera and Siba Behera died under treatment in the CHC itself. The two seriously ill persons Harischandra Behera and Tunguru Behera were later shifted to MKCG Medical in Berhampur as their condition deteriorated.


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