After Egg, It’s Time for Black Flag to Atanu Sabyasachi


Cuttack: In another occurrence of ruling BJD minister being targeted by Congress members, Health minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak was indicated dark banners in Cuttack amid his visit to go to a programme at Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital today.

After Egg, Its Time for Black Flag to Atanu Sabyasachi SAMAYADisorganized scenes were seen when a gathering of youth Congress individuals hindered the vehicle of Atanu, waving dark banners and yelling trademarks. Four persons have been captured by police after the occurrence.

By, Police had elevated security to keep any untoward occurrence in the wake of a spate of egg throwing assaults on clergymen. In any case, the extra measures were plainly not sufficient. When the priest touched base at the Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital, the Congress individuals began yelling hostile to government trademarks and waved black flags at him. In any case, the swarm was soon brought under control by police, informed sources.

Remarking on the matter, BJD legislator Amar Satpathy said “Congress has completely lost its character. It is depending on such strides to accumulate consideration. It isn’t right to term these occurrences as an impression of open difference. It is an attack by Congress.”