AP Should Get Special Status : Rahul


Pitching for an special status for Andhra Pradesh, AICC Vice prez Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that it was the obligation of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to satisfy the guarantee given by his forerunner (UPA) government when Telangana was cut out as a different state.

“Govt of India had made a guarantee to Andhra Pradesh that after the bifurcation, it will help the state completely and give it a bundle. This guarantee was certainly made by the UPA government however it was also a guarantee by govt of India. Narendra Modi ought to recall that before being NDA government, it is govt of India and that legislature had made a guarantee to Andhra Pradesh,” the Congress Vice President said tending to a rally.

Rahul Gandhi had written to the Prime Minister four months ago pressing for early grant of special category status for Andhra Pradesh, detailing the “disappointment and pain” among people over the Centre’s “failure” to honour its commitments. He had noted in the letter that the southern state was facing a huge revenue deficit and development initiatives have been at a “standstill”.

Gandhi had also accused the TDP-led state government and the opposition YSR Congress for not doing enough to pressurise the Centre on the issue.