Are we eating Fake Rice ?


Just think you are served a bowl of plastic beads for a meal, social media and multiple videos are being circulated with people raising their concern over the plastic rice.The families are shocked when they buy these rice from outlets, when cooked bounce as if they are made of rubber. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to distinguish the fake rice from the regular ones until it’s cooked.Videos have surfaced that shows polythene bags being inserted into machines that turns them into plastic rice.While the incidents have created anger and scare, the authorities are trying to establish the truth and are waiting for the lab reports.

‘Plastic Rice’ is made of mixed potatoes and industrial resin, which can damage the body to a great extent if consumed regularly. This fake Rice harms the digestive system,causes upset stomach and the hazardous chemicals can cause cancer.Some people have complained of gastric problems, where as doctors have failed to identify the problem and prescribe medicine.

Reports are there that fake rice is cheaper than the original ones and some unscrupulous traders are behind this marketing.There is news that this Rice is of the Chinese origin as incidents of the fake rice has been reported by the Chinese media previously.

So before you take your next Rice bowl check what you are eating.