Cadaver of Whale Found at Brahmagiri


Puri: Days after dead whales were found near the coast in Odisha’s Ganjam and Kendrapara locale, another cadaver of whale was found from the coast close Motagaon zone in Brahmagiri locale on Tuesday morning.

Prior this month, a cadaver of a whale measuring 33 feet long with a width of 12 feet was located at Podampetta coast in Ganjam area on February 3 while the corpse of another whale measuring 66 feet long was found at Chinchiri mouth at Rajnagar in Kendrapara locale on February 5.

A few days before this, a giant dead whale washed ashore at the Juhi beach in Mumbai.

Lats month, carcasses of more than 60 whales were sighted along the coast in Tamil Nadu a month ago.

Following the death of the whales, the State Environment and Forest department has decided to apprise the Ministry of Forest and Environment (MoEF) of the unusual death of the giant marine mammals.