Delhi Crime: Woman’s Body Found in a Bag


The dead body of an unknown lady, aged around 25 years, was found inside a bag in an e-rickshaw in east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar area today. It is assumed that the woman was strangulated to death at least a day ago, as the body had started to decompose.

DelhiThe incident came to light when a constable patrolling the area checked the bag kept in an e-rickshaw parked on the road, said police. When the e-rickshaw driver was questioned, he told the police that a man had asked him to carry the bag on his vehicle till the metro station while he would follow him on his own two-wheeler but he never turned up. The driver claimed to have parked the vehicle and walked nearby looking for the man, but the police team spotted it and found the body after inspection, they said. A case of murder has been registered and police are preparing a sketch of the man who handed over the bag to the driver, they further said.

The woman was wearing a kurta and jeans but carried no document or mobile phone which could have helped the police in ascertaining her identity. There was also a muffler wrapped around her neck, police said. The police have also not ruled out the possibility of sexual assault but said that it can be verified only after a medical examination.