Health tips during Monsoon


After the hot and scorching sun rays during the summer, the first water droplets of the monsoon make us relieved and joyous. Monsoon is the season that brings happiness to our life as it makes the environment pleasant and cool.But, even after the cool splash of monsoon rains, there are some health risk from which people needs to be careful.If you have kids and elderly people at home, they will be really susceptible and are affected with health conditions like cough,cold,allergies,indigestion,etc.Even the diet you take has to be chosen carefully that won’t make you sick.This is the season where waterborne bacteria can attack us and we can have reduced immunity level. So let us find out some tips that will keep us healthy as well as enjoy the monsoon bliss.

Being healthy during monsoon in India needs particular care, the rainfall and water stagnation makes it the breeding ground for the mosquitoes and rises the risk of malaria and dengue. Viral infections also spread easily during the monsoon season.

If desired to eat road side food, the rainy season isn’t the best thing to indulge. Raw vegetables and water are not hygienic during the monsoon as it gets easily contaminated.

Use powerful insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten,it’s a good concept to take anti-malaria drugs during the monsoon.Take moderate hot food and drinks during the rainy season.Dry your feet when they get wet to stay away from fungal diseases.Avoid cough and cold by keeping yourself moderately dry and warm.

If anyone is suffering from asthma or diabetes, avoid residing any place with wet wall. It encourages the development of fungus and can be very hurtful.

During monsoon avoid roadside food as its unhygienic and possible chances of contamination. During rainy season, humidity is high and the ability of the body to digest comes down.Its best to avoid oily and spicy food which leads to gastric and indigestion problems. Eat home cook food which is healthy and well cooked.

One of the major problems suffered by people is the reduction of immunity level during monsoon, add clove of garlic to your food platter will help your immunity system. If one has blood pressure, it’s better to consume little salt in a meal.One should have a dish of bitter vegetables in your meal such as neem, bitter gourd etc to avoid skin and fungal infections and allergies. During monsoon avoid milk as far as possible. Rather it’s good to consume other forms of milk like yogurt,curd,sweet etc. Not all foods are good for all seasons. Foe example the watery fruits and juices are good during summer as we get dehydrated. But during monsoon this can be reason for trouble as it can create bloating and swelling in your body.Its better consuming the food that’s dry in nature such as nuts,almonds etc. It’s essential for you to consume adequate fruits to help restore energy, but there is also a choice of fruits as well. Go for pears,mangoes,apples and pomegranates.You need to avoid fruits like muskmelon and watermelon.

Stay healthy and eat healthy to enjoy the rains.