India’s Arabic Magazine In Egypt Reaches 500th Edition


Cairo (PTI): Arabic magazine ‘Sawtul-Hind’, published by the Indian Embassy in Egypt for the past six decades, will reach a milestone next week with its 500th edition depicting the strong bond and vibrant cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The Embassy of India will celebrate the launch of the 500th Commemorative issue of Sawtul-Hind Magazine at the Egyptian Centre for International Cultural Cooperation in Cairo on Monday.

Sawtul-Hind, whose first edition was published in 1952, continues to be an interface between India and Egypt and the Arab world at large, by collating information on both countries political cooperation, economic engagement and cultural ties.

India’s Ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya wrote an editorial in the commemorative issue saying when a journal reaches its 500th edition, in a journey over six momentous decades, it becomes a “chronicle of history”.

“Sawtul-Hind came to light as our nations emerged out of the shackles of colonialism as independent countries. India and Egypt were actively engaged in promoting South-South cooperation, growth of Non-Aligned Movement and encouraging regional and multilateral cooperation,” the ambassador wrote in his article in the latest edition of the magazine which will be released during the celebration.

The ambassador said the magazine was an avid reporter of the Nehru-Nasser friendship, which laid the foundation for a durable partnership.

It was witness to both countries strong bonds during the Suez crisis, Palestinian issue and on Arab and African affairs, he said.

“Witnessing momentous transformations in political, economic and social life in the 21st century, Sawtul-Hind once again recorded the Modi-Sisi understanding as we re-engaged on the three pillars of political-security cooperation, economic engagement and cultural exchanges to craft a new partnership in the new era,” he added.

He said the magazine is committed to continue its efforts to “feature the rich diversity of India, a nation with the confidence of a rich heritage and the optimism of a dynamic future.”

“It will highlight the transformational changes taking place in the country, reach out to the youth, women and opinion makers and build new bridges between our peoples to promote cooperation in both traditional and contemporary sectors for common good,” the Indian envoy said.

The celebration of Sawtul-Hind’s 500 issue will feature a photo-exhibition, which will display various covers of the magazine throughout its journey over the past six decades.

The exhibition will remain open for visitors at the hall of the Egyptian Centre for International Cultural Cooperation during the period from July 17 to 20.

An Oriental Music group from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture will perform at the launch ceremony.


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