Kailash Kher To Release Video Of ‘Bhole Chale’



Mumbai (PTI): Singer Kailash Kher is all set to release the video of his single “Bhole Chale” tomorrow on his birthday.

The 43-year-old singer, whose song came out last year as an audio track, will release the video version of the single under the banner Kailasa Records.

“‘Bhole Chale’ as a single was released on my birthday last year with our own Kailasa Records label and this time again my team at Kailasa records/entertainment are releasing the video as a birthday gift for me tomorrow, which I would like to in return share it with all those who still believe in simple things of life,” Kher said in a statement.

The “Teri Deewani” singer said he wanted to give a gift to all the music nomads and fellow devotees of Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan.

Kailash added that he has always looked up to the Mahadev “for his personality, the situation that moulds and destroy him but to never give up but look forward to a new beginning.”