Pregnant woman branded with hot iron rod: Malkangiri


Malkangiri: In a tragic incident , a pregnant woman of Chandaghati area under Khairput block in the district was allegedly branded with hot iron when she felt pain in her abdomen.

The husband of the woman took her to a local trickster when she complained about her abdominal pain, the trickster branded her with  a hot iron rod to cure her.

‘The quack branded her with hot iron rod and said she will be fine in the next two-three days’, said by husband of the victim.

He also said ,“when her condition started critical after the iron branding, I admitted her in  Khairput health centre. Later she was shifted to the district headquarters hospital when her condition worsened ”.Pregnant woman branded with hot iron rod Malkangiri

Dr Sapand Dinda, a doctor of the hospital said, “a month ago a pregnant lady belonging to Bonda tribal community was admitted to the hospital due to her  abdominal pain. She was discharged from the hospital after her treatment”.

“She again felt pain in her stomach and  her husband took her to a local quack for branding. Her husband did not take her to a hospital as advised by the quack ” Dinda added.

Another case of a  27-day old baby, the baby  was branded with hot iron rod because the baby was  suffering from respiratory problems and had a swollen abdomen. The family member asked a quack for treatment of the baby. The trickster suggest  and  they branded the infant with hot iron rods on his stomach.

A couple of Butipadar village in Nabarangpur district had branded their 14-day-old baby with a hot iron rod on several parts of his body to check the swelling in the baby’s stomach. The matter came to light when the couple brought the baby to the district headquarters hospital for treatment Wednesday. The baby later developed pneumonia.