Ravishankar Prasad Slams Nitish Kumar


PATNA: Strongly condemning series of killings, including that of state BJP pioneer Visweshawar Ojha, Union Minister Ravishankar Prasad today asked Nitish Kumar for what reason of apprehension has been made in Bihar inside of three months of his shaping government with RJD.

“At the point when Nitish Kumar was with BJP, there was downright control over wrongdoing circumstance. Yet, why inside of three months of shaping government with RJD of Lalu Prasad ‘khauf ka mahaul’ (atmosphere of apprehension) has been made in Bihar?” Prasad asked.

Making a scathing attack against Kumar, the Union minister told reporters that yesterday the CM held a review meeting with senior officials and gave direction to check crime but by evening state BJP vice president Visweshwar Ojha was shot dead.

Earlier, Saran district BJP leader Kedarnath Singh was killed and before that LJP leader Brijnathi Singh was gunned down in Patna, he said.

Prasad, who is a Rajya Sabha member from Bihar, asked the CM, “You returned to power with thumping majority after forming new political relations. But what is happening is that crime is going out of control.”