Selfie obsession kills one in TN


A 17-year-old was run over by a train between Vandalur and Ooorapakkam stretch on Sunday evening while taking a selfie with his friends. The boy was trying to capture a speeding train behind him.

The deceased, Dena Sukumar was a plus-2 student of Poonamallee Aringnar Anna government higher secondary school. Dena and his five friends had gone to Vandalur zoo on Sunday.

The teenagers decided to take a thrilling selfie with the speeding train in the background. His friends managed to jump off the tracks but Dena was killed.

According to the police, the victim was unable the gauge the speed of the train.

On 9 January, three girls fell into the Arabian Sea while clicking selfies on a rock jutting out of the sea near Bandra Fort in Mumbai. One of the girls and a man who jumped in to save them died in the incident.