Separated After Birth: Jaga-Balia Celebrate New Year Day In AIIMS, New Delhi


New Delhi: Kandhamal’s twins Jaga and Balia, who were conjoined earlier at their heads, celebrated the New Year day with much gaiety at AIIMS, New Delhi today. The twins celebrated the day by wearing new dresses and caps. Their parents Pushpanjali Kanhara and Bhuiya Kanhara, Professor and Head of the Department of Neurosciences. Dr Ashok Mahapatra, who coincidentally retired today and other staff of the hospital were present during their celebration.

The AIIMS authorities had decorated a room with balloons and coloured papers for the unique celebration.

Notably, Jaga and Balia came together for the first time on January 1 after their successful separation surgery on August 28 and October 25 last year.

As per the hospital authorities, there has been considerable improvement in the health condition of the twins. Both of them will have to undergo reconstructive and plastic surgery of the skull in a phased manner.


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